Sunday, July 18, 2010


‘Flower’…that’s what my daughter’s name- Manjari- means…” I heard my mom explaining the roots and origins of my name to Mrs. Subramanian, at around 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. An annoying neighbor (her sense of timing quite explains that!!), she flashed her 32-watt smile at me constantly while flipping through my pink album that had pictures of me in a cradle decorated with 2 dozens of balloons and relatives, known and unknown, trying to catch a glimpse of the scare-crow down below..I was basically given a NAME…through this elaborate ceremony…a title that would go into every attendance register in school, onto certificates, driver’s license, hall tickets, my resume and blaah...

Amidst all this self-talk, Mrs. S thankfully decided to spend the rest of the Sunday in the comforts of her house and not in glancing at my bachcha-albums which show me half-naked!! :O :O “Bubyee, Manju beta…it was nice meeting you!!” …were her parting words!!

WAIT!!! When was the last time that someone referred to me as ‘Manjari’??!!!! Perhaps my school princi or that guy at the hotel reception... :O :O If at all you have the privilege of being my guest someday, don’t be surprised to hear the likes of ‘Manjee’, ‘Manju’…echoing through the household!! My 18 years and 9 months of existence have bestowed me with some of the best possible names…so much so…that my original identity has been lost in the process…!!! Arre…actually na…listening to someone call me M-A-N-J-A-R-I, kind of takes me by surprise these days!! :D :D

Take for instance the following:

Manjunath: the reason being… I actually need to specify??!!! :D :D
[Clue: Gurunath]

Manj: umm…no particular reason!!

Genelia: my sri lankan friends are of the strong opinion that I resemble
this bollywood actress by the name of Genelia D’Souza…crazy na??!!
& bollywood:NAAAAAH!!!

Fungus: WHY???!!! WHY??? Chetanaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :O :O No comments!!...

Fungunath/Yengunath: Honestly, I feel like this brightly colored toadstool
Standing tall in my neighbor’s compound…everytime I am called
so! :P

Puspaaaaaa: Aarghhhh!!! :O It brings back memories of the V channel
‘bai’…”itna paisa mein itna eech milega” YEWWWW!!!!

Munch: popularized by a certain girl from Ernakulam… :P any guesses??

Shweaty Shweetie: Don’t even give this one a thought!!

Nang/Nangunath: Chee Chee Chee…Must say..a lot of thinking has gone into this one!

Manchurian: Manjari+Food= Manchurian

I think that should suffice… :D :D That brings me to this question: Does my name hold any relevance today??!!! It’s quite evident..NO!!

If hamaari desi girl Priyanka Chopra could be Piggy Chops and Swiss maestro Roger Federer ‘Fed-Ex’…and size-zero (+/- 1) Kareena Kapoor ‘Bebo’…maybe..I could be Manjunath too!!! :D :D Right na??!!! After all, What’s in a name??!!!

The phone bell went ‘tring tring’…I rushed across the room to take the call…
Is that Manjari Shankar on the line?”…Wait..WHO’S THAT??!!! :D :D


  1. The fact that many people call u different names itself points to the importance of an official name... doesn't it? and ppl not familiar with u shud associate u with a name. I think a name gives the conversation a personal touch... imagine i talking to you constantly referring to u as Miss. that wud be so boring.

  2. You forgot something Blushingberries.

  3. Dont you think it is quite awesome to have so many names da?? spares you the boredom if u ask me and brings intimacy. :) i like the way you write. keep posting more.

  4. i am not going to stop calling you names!!! what the hell is bumba :P :P i too could complain :P hey but i do call you manjari okay. see like now. i just called you manjari. manjari :D... we just start calling our friends names because they are so close and we are comfortable with them to such an extent that we know they wouldnt mind any of this cos there are things that matter! :D

  5. Shankari Manjar..... There I have bestowed another name upon u.. Carry it with honour and pride..

    MAnjunath!!! Nice writing :)